Department of Design

Est. 2014 Brooklyn, NY

Department of Design is a small studio founded by Timoni West, an experienced web & mobile designer. I work on everything from raw wireframes to polished interfaces, blank slates to polished brands.

Get in touch

I'm usually in NYC, but generally work with remote teams across the USA and internationally. Please send me a short email. I'll follow up and we can discuss the project however you like: online, phone calls, video, or, if possible, in real life.

Previous clients & employers

  • 25c (2012)
  • Airtime (2012)
  • Airbnb (2010)
  • Alix & Company (2014)
  • Alphaworks (2014)
  • Atlas (2014)
  • Bitlogica (2012)
  • Bitly (2012)
  • Bizzy (2011)
  • Britely (2012)
  • Burner (2013)
  • Causes (2012)
  • Everlane (2011)
  • Flickr (2009 - 2011)
  • Foursquare (2013 - 2014)
  • Go Mighty (2012)
  • Hacker Dojo (2011)
  • High Tower Design (2012)
  • Institute for the Future (2011)
  • Matter (2012)
  • Oliver & Sons
  • Scribd (2007-2009)
  • Snapguide (2011)
  • SF Incubator (2014)
  • Sweet Lauren Cakes (2010)
  • Telly (2012)
  • Wishbone (2013)

Example work

My deliverables range from initial research and product concepts to wireframes, user flows, designs & assets, to logos and marketing material. Here are some examples of these various types of deliverables.

You can also browse through more on Dribbble.

Want to learn more? Check out the following sections.

For new or small businesses

For startups, if you have an idea, hand-sketched wireframes, or even just a description, I can help make your idea a real product. It will be beautiful, elegant, and fun to use.

I also love working with small business that need to make or overhaul their website: my clients include jewelry makers, woodworkers, and high-end furniture designers.

For larger companies

If you’re a larger, more established company, I am useful as a pinch-hitter, coming in to fill whatever gap might be currently missing in your designer lineup. I've worked with design teams from two to fifty, and I'm comfortable both with creating entirely new product redesigns or working within your current brand.

Pricing structure

I work at an hourly rate, and for every project, I will come up with a schedule with low and high estimates. This way you have a ballpark of what the general costs will be. I also keep you informed if we're getting near to hitting the end of our allotted hours. If we do, you can either stop the project and collect all deliverables, or we can extend the contract.

If at any point in the project you need to stop, for whatever reason, I'll simply bill you for hours worked. I understand that things can change quickly for any business.

To get an estimate for your project, please send me a email.